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Burkhard Breitzke

High speed charger route planning with min kW charging speed and min no of charging points


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This is actually a logic problem I've encountered as well. ABRP has planned a route that would push me to a 50kW charger. Taking a different route (which is an option that's found when I don't allow that network) uses a 150 kW charger that ends up saving total time as the charging time is significantly less. 

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On 6/15/2021 at 1:17 PM, Katya-ABRP said:

Hi @Burkhard Breitzke,

At the moment we do not offer settings for minimum kW or minimum number of stalls. However, we always try to select the fastest charging options available along the route and we are looking into if a 'minimum number of stalls' could be an option.


I’m very keen to see a setting to restrict suggested charging stops to locations with at least 2 (or more) chargers (unless it’s practically impossible to avoid a location with a single charger).


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