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EnBW HPC Werratal Süd - Strange behaviour in ABRP


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Hey guys, I encountered a weird behaviour with one EnBW HPC station and ask myself whether I am the issue or the app.
It is about the Werratal Süd EnBW HPC station. If I try to plan a route from Frankfurt - Erfurt, the station gets recognized by the app.

However, if I place the markers a bit off the biggest cities, for example Offenbach - Arnstadt, the station does not gets considered although it is the best option comparably late on the route (for fastest charging). It even throws a reduce speed warning that I might not make it. Which is incorrect.
That also occurs if I set EnBW as preferred provider.
Hyundai Kona 2020 64kWh, SoC at start 100%, standard route planning settings

Frankfurt - Erfurt

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ABRP always tries to find the fastest route. As you can see the second one is 6 Minutes faster even if you drive slower, as you can skip the charge stop.

If you don't want to drive slower you can disable reducing speed in the settings.

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