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Tim H

Lane arrows not visible on CarPlay

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Description: One in the last versions you introduced the great feature of lane assist in CarPlay. So we know which lane to take on highways or crossings. Unfortunately, the color of lanes not to take is gray and it’s hard to recognize it on CarPlay screen. 
I’d like to use other colors for lanes to take and not to take (red/green). 
Type: App 4.0.44 (431)
Link to Plan:  All Plans at my Zoe with CarPlay 
Replication Steps:
  1. Start CarPlay and arrive at any crossing or exit

For better understanding, please find attached Fotos from CarPlay Screen and screenshot from iPhone at same crossi612061486_Bildschirmfoto2021-06-08um15_54_41.thumb.png.627b30141858ce6e7cce71fd426acb08.png97783C75-42E5-4357-B41F-687BCAAEE07D.thumb.jpeg.214ca4fb8a32922ceaea7721d26cb126.jpegng 

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