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Does calculation of Reference Consumption account for wind and road conditions?


I'm wondering how wind and road conditions are taken into account when ABRP calculates the Reference Consumption based on live driving data.

Does ABRP use some real time weather service to estimate winds and probable road conditions, if the user has purchased ABRP Premium?  Does it use real time weather for this purpose even if the user has not purchased ABRP Premium?

Or, does it use the wind and road conditions that were entered in a planned route, if it appears that this route is actually being driven (car is on the same route, with a similar start time and date as a planned trip).  If it uses the wind and road conditions from a planned route, what happens after the trip ends, if the car is no longer on a planned route?  Does it use zero wind and dry roads, or does it continue to use the wind and road condition values from the last trip, or ???.  


Similar question of weight - what weight is assumed when calculating Reference Consumption?


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