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Tim H

Connectivity to TRINITY

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Hello other Zoe drivers,

I drive a Zoe 2 with 52 kW battery (CCS DC 50 kWh) and I am as far as good satisfied. For route planning and turn-by-turn navigation I use, of course, ABRP. Since the only why for connecting between the car and ABRP is TRINITY, I have both cloud system in charge. Yesterday I had my first long drive (~5 hours drive and 4 charges) I faced one big issue: ABRP losts current SoC for 15 min. or even longer for lot of times.
The Renault App is up to date, TRINITY is correct, too, but often ABRP doesn’t update SoC. So, my question:

Do you have the same issue? What could I do to force the update?

During charging is even 5 minutes too long to not update, since ABRP doesn’t know, that I am already on the German Autobahn again and says I should stop again on next charger for 20 minutes or reduce speed.

Thanks for your ideas.


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