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ABRP does not show data of EVNotify


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@ErathostDid you already specify your car in abrp. my settings menu shows

Select car model

THE NAME OF MY CAR (specified by me)

Add my car


I do not see the second option in your settings. So you need to specify your car I think.

also then create the integration

and check on web.evnotify.de if your local data from evnotify is uploaded to the evnotify webservice.


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This is very confusing. If I open Car Model and go for add new car I have options to link to EVNotify. But it creates just a new entry in cars with unnamed car?!

The car name is not editable! How can you delete cars? Not very intuitive.



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yes, I did, but with chrome there was no field to edit, so I changed to Firefox and here I could change the name to "myCar".

Thanks, I could now delete invalid entries. 

But still my problem is how to get a valid connection to ABPR? 

I was logged in in both EVNotify and ABRP on PC and my car was running OBD with EVNotify on Android for this setup exercise.

When I click the geerwheel (att. abrp7.jpg) of myCar, then pressing option LINK EVNOTIFY I get just an instruction page.

EVNotify Integration has is already be done long time ago and there is no option to reset. Pressing Integration shows att. abrp9.jpg. 

So how exactly is ABRP finding my EVNotify car? I'm missing the link here. 

Thanks for you patience.




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