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Route Plannung with fully occupied charging station

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I recognized, that ABRP is planning with fully occupied charging stations.


It makes sense to do so at the beginning off the planning as shown, when I have 1h+ to go to reach the charger, ok.

But is it already implemented in ABRP, that I get an alternative, if the charger is still occupied, when I'm 5, 10 minutes away? 

Or even right in time, when another charging station strategy is working out better?

Do this feature needs an algorithm of likelihood of availability from historic data to fine tune it?

Simply short term solution:

Adding a preference for charging locations with more than X charging station, so I can prioritize the ones with more than 4, 6, 8 at one location (also with multiple providers in a range of 500m or so).








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Hi @Jojo,

If a charger is still occupied when you are close by the planner may suggest another charging stop. It can also suggest that you stop at the occupied charger if it predicts that it will still result in the shortest trip (the planner will make a prediction on how long you will have to wait).

Yes, premium users will get access to charger availability in the planning, both in real-time and forecasts based on historical use. 

We are actually working on the feature that you are suggesting. You can look forward to using it in one of our coming updates.


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