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Unable to log on in Model Y

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Web browser in my Model Y indicates email or password is incorrect. I can log on in the car on my phone with the same email and password. It appears the Tesla web browser is blocking the site. I experience the same problem with XM Radio.

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Hi @RW53,

We're aware that some users may experience issues with logging into ABRP in their Tesla's browser and we're currently investigating the matter. 

Until we've had this resolved, I can recommend to link the car to your ABRP account as this will allow you to instead send plans from the ABRP app to your Tesla nav. (Do note that since Tesla doesn't handle waypoints, the whole plan cannot be sent at once but you can send one leg at a time) ?

This is how to link:

1. Go into: Settings (detailed) > Car model > Add my car
2. Specify the vehicle model, name it
3. Select a linking option, for Tesla you can connect directly by selecting 'Link MyTesla'
4. Log in with your Tesla credentials (or provide a token)

After the connection has been established, you'll be able to find 'send to Tesla' under the 'share' button for created plans


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