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Adding time to a stop


I sure this feature is here and I'm not just using it correctly.  How to I add (generic) time to a stop?  For example, if I wanted to stop by the worlds largest ball of twine - I put that address in and it takes me there.  I would then like to just click on it and be "here for 1 hour" so that when I plan for my whole day, it takes into account that time there - just like it does a restaurant.

I see you can add stop time for restaurant, hotel, or shopping - but how do I just add a random stop that isn't one of the three? The functionality of adding additional time at a stop is already there, so I'm guessing I am missing something obvious.


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Hi @Tango,

Currently we don't offer a way to add a stop time (unless you're adding an amenity stop), instead there's the possibility to edit the departure time (and date). However I can agree this would be a neat addition instead of having to calculate for a certain departure time, since one doesn't always know the arrival time.

We'll have to look into how this could be arranged as we do want to avoid displaying too many settings / duplicates of settings.

Though, you could actually add a custom "fake" charging session at as slow as 0.1kW and set a charging time to use this as a stay duration. Unless the stay is very long this won't affect the estimated SoC significantly. (for sure not intended, but it works)


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