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Description:  EV simulator mode

Use Case: Simple ev simulator for people who are wondering if ev would fit their needs. In app there would be an option to pick ev model and then there would be a start button to start simulation. Simulator would show realtime soc when driving a non ev. The simulator would use abrp data to show realtime consumption in different circumstances and it would be combined with GPS location. For example, if driving to work and back, the user would know exactly how much charge driven trip would consume. All so there would be a button to simulate charging on different chargers. For example, when driving longer journey, user could test how much charge chosen ev would get on the brake. Or when left to charge on a work day.

The mode could be kind of promotional tool for abrp premium to ev drivers. An ev driver could test it when driving own car and compare realtime soc to the simulation. It would show how accurate abrp premium actually is and maybe encourage to subscribe to the premium version. And of course it would work as promotion for non ev drivers to get abrp after they buy an ev.

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Of course you can do the same with current app when you type addresses and plan the route, but I would give different kind of perspective when the user sees the real time soc. And charges. It would be much more convenient to simulate driven route, because trip could have many locations. And un planned locations. For example, in my job, I tend to stop several locations during my work day. If I was a non ev driver, I could just start the simulation at morning and see what the soc after day.

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