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I have been using ABRP and it freezes when navigating on my Google pixel 4a.  This past weekend, navigation worked ok... until I activated my Torque Pro app to get real time data.  It was running fine for 1.5 hrs, but froze a couple mins after Torque Pro was started.  Is this a bug with it getting real time data?  Has anyone else experienced this?  Thanks.

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delay and freezing; I used ABRP for my Italy 5500km trip with tronity.io:
1) (strong) delay in route: I am alredy on the motorway while ABRP is still "navigating" me through the city
2) phone freezes 
3) iPhone becomes very hot

Quick fix so far: I put the phone in the Aircondition outlet - it cooles down and navigation seems to be almost on time. 


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