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CCS charging for Ioniq 28 can only charge to 94%

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When I plan a route for my Ioniq VFL (28 KWh battery), ABRP sometimes plans a charge up to 95% or higher. But that is not possible. The Ioniq VFL will stop CCS charging at a maximum of 94% charge. Higher levels are only possible with AC charging (but that's also limited to 1 phase charging). So therefore, planning a fast on-route charge at a CCS stop to more that 94% is wrong.

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21 hours ago, BarryH said:

@maexxxYou are correct. I think you can prevent this issue by changing the settings under charging to max 94%:

Yes, I realise I can work around this, but if my plan also includes an AC charging stop then it doesn't charge to 100% there. Or if I switch the car (to compare how a route will work for different cars). I really think the model for the Ioniq 28kWh should include a rule that only allows up to 94% on CCS (DC) charging stops.

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Hi @maexxx,

There is already a restriction on the Ioniq 28kWh that only allows up to 94% charge. However it can be overrided by setting the "charge till" SoC over 94% on a waypoint. And if you have set an arrival SoC to a waypoint, the plan may suggest that you charge above 94% in order to make the arrival SoC goal. 

We could of course create a harder restriction to the max SoC, but have chosen to not do this as it will result in more failed plans. You are still able prevent the planner from ever suggesting that you charge more than 94% the way BarryH suggested.

Additionally the settings you add to a car is unique to that vehicle. This means that you can set the max SoC of one vehicle to 94% and another to 100%. 


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