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Best Option for Live Data


I've tried to use the entire catalog of methods to send data to ABRP, to no avail. I have a 2017 Chevy Bolt, I'm a premium member, a beta program user, and I've followed all of the steps you provided for each method. 

The live SOC isn't working, whether I use TorquePro, EVNotify or even AutoPi. What do you recommend I do?

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Evnotify and torque (paid version) both should work.

I'm most familiar with Evnotify:

do you see your data on web.evnotify.de? if so, you successfully created the data stream to the evnotify webservice and the issue is either in the link between evnotify and ABRP or you might have another car selected in abrp.


If you do not see the data in the webservice the issue is on the evnotify side.


Can you test and give more specific info on what you tested and tried?

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