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Ioniq Facelift Coldgate

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Experiencend Facelift drivers know that the cars fast charging capabililtys drop even further for battery temperatures below ~25°C. Maybe it was Tesla Björn who first described this issue. 


Since battery heating will start to kick in just on charging (could be easily fixed with a button for manual control by hyundai), it is a common strategy to heat up and remain the battery temerature to atleast ~25°C with driving style. In my observations a highway drive with 130 km/h will heat up the battery approx 1°C per 10 km (10 to 15°C outside temperature and dry road conditions).

By now I can‘t find any of that knowledge modeled in the Beta version of the 38 kWh Facelift Ioniq. Knowing the ambitions of ABRP to model charging curves on real world data and including battery temperature 


I am courious on how acurate the Release model of the 38 kWh Facelift Ioniq will be. Will it include a calculated battery heating based on speed and outside temperature and therefore try to arrive on the charger in ideal condition, or will it „just“ take the meassured or estimated battery temperature into account for selecting the right charging curve?

Offcurse I do already support that development with my live data. 

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