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Stephen P

Login with Google not working on iPhone or iPad

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I created my account on my Mac using Safari and used the login with Google option. The account was created as expected and I have no issues logging back in again with the Google option on my Mac.
The problem is logging in to my account on either my iPhone or iPad. If I use the Google option on the login screen it takes me to the web browser to choose my Google account. Then I get the spinning Google circle with "One moment please" and at the same time a pop-up asking "Open this page in "ABRP"?"
If I don't do anything then nothing happens. If I select the Open button in the pop-up it goes back to the login screen on the ABRP app but waiting for me to fill Email and password. If I select the Cancel option instead in the pop-up it logs me in to Google in the web browser but stays on a google.com search screen.
So no way to get logged in via Google on iOS. Behavior is exactly the same on iPhone and iPad. Would appreciate any help to resolve this.
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Hi @Stephen P,

Thank you for reporting this, we're looking into it!

Meanwhile, if you're entirely unable to log in and don't have any alternative login methods to use instead, you may set a regular password by requesting a password reset link at login by selecting the 'forgot your password?' button.


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