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Magnus Ohlsson

Strange street names - jumping all around the planet

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Description: As of this morning, ABRP has started to show very strange street names when I'm navigating in the car.
The streets and speed limits are jumping between English, French, some Japanese and India.
A bit annoying since I'm driving around in Sweden. I have been driving the same route before using ABRP whitout any issues but all of a sudden, almost every single street in the direction pop-up is incorrect.
Entering a new destination works as expected, but the streets/roads on the way are strange.
Type: Running ABRP Beta 4.0.42 on Android 10 using Android Auto 6.4.611714 (updated this morning - a coincidence or a clue??)
Replication Steps:
  1. Start ABRP via Android Auto
  2. Drive around and watch the funny suggestions for what streets you are on.


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Same issue here (Finland) and it caused laughs when turning into small road ABRP stating that an ”Autobahn” ? Whole thing started this morning.

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