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Battery Capacity Calculation

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The newest version of the ABRP provides an indication of the the amount of kWh corresponding to the % charge required at each charging stop.

I have noticed that if you extrapolate the kW to 100% you get large variances in the the calculated total battery capacity.

For example, 3 stops, temperature more or less constant

29%->62% (25.8 kWh, @12C), 100% -> 78.18 kWh

21%->63% (34.1 kWh, @13C), 100%  -> 81.1 kWh

18%->76% (46.8 kWh, @13C), 100% -> 80.69 kWh

Should this be the case?

As far as I understand about 84 kWh of the battery's full capacity of 90 kWh is made available.



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