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basic vs premium

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Do I have to get the premium version to get real charging data?  I don't see any ability to do that on the basic version.  Does everyone just get the premium version?

Also, I want to edit a waypoint or destination, for example, if I got the street number wrong.  How do I do that?


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Hi @DCollings,

In order to get live data you must create a saved vehicle and link it. For a Tesla the steps would be the following;

1. Go into: Settings (detailed) > Car model > Add my car
2. Specify your vehicle model and name it
3. Select the linking option 'Link MyTesla'
4. Log in with your Tesla credentials

For logged activity data, driving and charging, an active premium subscription or trial is needed. You may sign up /read more here: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/premium

If you want to edit a waypoints address, in a created plan, you'll need to click 'back' to go back to the planning stage where you input addresses for waypoints and edit the waypoint in question.


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