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Hello, I tested the app in my car today on a trip today, 350 km. I have a 40kW Leaf, so I needed to charge on the way.
First time I tested this with iOS and Carplay, and I must say that this was not ok. 
On the first leg it started to hang behind on the route, and the app didn't report the actual place that I were. Reset the app when I charged, all good for next leg. 
Then, on the way home, the same thing happened. I noticed that it was not on track just before I was supposed to stop to charge.
I had driven a lot slower than expected  because of queue so I delayed the charging stop. Was not able to get the navigation to resume.
Trip - way home (half the route):
ABRP version 4.0.42
iOS version: 14.5.1
iPhone 12 mini
Leaf MY2020
I'm a new premium subscriber, and I will not cancel this because of bugs. The app is superb to calculate trips and I really hope that the bugs I'm experiencing is solvable.
Best Regards
Harald Dolheim
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@Harald Dolheim

a couple of questions

1/ do you use live data? If so, with which app and on the same phone or on a different device? (iOS cannot handle the obd2 connection in background)

2/ My iphone SE (2016) does get quite hot using ABRP. Sometimes it starts to lag with the navigatiion (incl. GPS current position). By restarting the phone this gets resolved. Did you try this?


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Hi @Harald Dolheim,

Would you say that the app / CarPlay "froze" and that the car marker did not move thus showed the incorrect location or was the location itself just inaccurate yet moving along as you drove?

Did you perhaps happen to be connected to any Wi-fi network that might've given you an odd location? (Sometimes my iPhone auto-connects to say, a bus with free wi-fi or a building with free Wi-fi if I pass by slow enough and have connected to the networks in the past).


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Hi, thanks for your reply @Katya-ABRP

It was along E18 so no Wi-fi networks should be able to disturb this. Really no traffic at the first leg, a little more on the return but no buses. 

It moved along but not at the correct spot.

I will test this on all my drives (who is not a lot because of covid) and report back. 




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