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Supercharger is not selected when you perform "Share -> Send to Tesla"

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Description: Supercharger is not selected when you perform "Share -> Send to Tesla"
Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share").  
Replication Steps:
  1. Replication - create any route
  2. Steps - create any route where a tesla supercharger is the next stop then "Share" then select "Send To Tesla"
  3. If will say "Destination sent"  then check your Tesla navigation it will select a point on the map right next to the Supercharger and not the supercharger itself.
  4. Impact - not having the actual tesla supercharger in the navigation we lose the ability to Preconditioning the battery for supercharging.
  5. Work-a-round - I have to search the map and select the Tesla supercharger myself (easy at the start, less easy in the middle of a long trip).


Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!
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