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Schedule trip with research on Tesla supercharger

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I planned a short trip between 2 cities, and I added a stopover to a Tesla supercharger.

I arrive with 53% battery and I can charge at 150 KW. The app tells me that it takes 1 hour to get 67%. It's very long, isn't it?




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It looks like you forced the plan to have you charge for 1h00m at the Supercharger.  Normally you wouldn't do this.  If you have a desire to stop at that specific Supercharger (versus just accept whatever plan ABRP gives you), then you can click on the Supercharger and then Add Waypoint (you've already done this part).  If then you know you want to stay for an hour at that stop, use the Add a stop around this waypoint pulldown to state how long you will be there.  I just did this and it appeared to work properly:


I suspect that you may have run into a bug of some kind resulting from trying to "force" the charging at a Supercharger.  Instead, let ABRP do that calculation for you, and use the other method to state your intention to stop at the Supercharger for an hour.

If you aren't trying to stop for a particular amount of time, don't actually specify any charging speed or time and just let ABRP figure out how long you need to stop for.

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