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Chris Bastiaens

When driving summertyres the estimated 'SoC at destination' is off by about 20%

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Description: Until about ten days ago I was driving wintertyres on my car. ABRP was very good at estimating the SoC at arrival. But then my summertyres were installed again and since then the estimated SoC is always about 20% too pessimistic, i.e. lower than the real SoC at arrival.
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 If the car uses less energy due to summer tyres ( it's actually more than that: less heating, less air drag,...) Then you have to adjust the ref consumption in order to get a more accurate estimation. If you have live data that ref consumption adjusts automatically, but if not you have to adjust it yourself. For example my ioniq has 15.5 as ref consumption during winter but less than 13 in summer. Most of the higher consumption is due to heating on shorter trips.


BTW live data is also free, so you can try that first. It's really awesome for carefree driving, as ABRP always adjusts to the current conditions.

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