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Speed display does not work or I interpret it wrongly (kona EV 64kWh)


Using Torque Pro and Real speed and GPS speed are working properly when monitoring them in Torque PRO

The speed shown on the display below the Wh/km is never the same as my real speed and doesn't seems to be a mean of my actual speed...  Sometimes I drive at 100 Km/h and it shows 110...

I tried 2 diff setup logging the GPS speed in one setup and the real speed in the other and it doesn't seem to make any difference. 

Am I missing the meaning of this speed display?

I also added the "Torque select what to log " info and an example of the speed indicated and the speed reported by torque.  Note that I can be at a red ligth (0 Kmh) and the display shows 22 or 44 Kmh

Anyway we can verify real time what was received by ABRP and correlate to what I sent  so I can make sure I'm sending the rigth data


torque PID.PNG

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