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Scott Mohrman

Not working


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Hi @Scott Mohrman,

Usually this is due to some part in settings that prevents ABRP from generating a plan. It could also be an error with the input waypoints. We do absolutely want to make it easier to find what prevents the route from being planned but as it could be a combination of several things, multiple settings, waypoints, road conditions it is unfortunately not all that easy.

I just had a peek at your user profile and found that your home address has been saved incorrectly. The street address is there but something appears to have gone wrong when we attempted to locate the address thus it lacks coordinates and this I'd say would be the reason we fail to plan. I reckon you usually plan using this saved address yes? (This is an old bug that has been addressed, but the results such as the faulty location in your user settings will unfortunately have to be manually corrected.)

Anyhow, to fix this do the following;

1. Make a simple plan and this time type in your home address instead of selecting it in the list.
2. Make sure that the plan was successfully created, that we located the address properly.
3. Click the cogwheel to the right of the address and select 'set as home' - this will overwrite the previously saved address.

Should there still be issues with planning please copy the plan url from the browser, post it here and I'll have a look at it ?


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Hi. I have similar problem. When I trying to put some dress in Poland or Germany is saying that is not working and plan can't be found. When I using UK or France dresses is working correctly. Before I was log in I was able to make a plan and it worked, and after I log in on my PC I have all the time same message


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Hi @Lukasz12,

I took a look at your account settings and everything looks good. Are you still having the problem you described above?

There might be some issue tied to network preferences and country specific charging networks. Please get back to us with the plan URL if you need any further assistance.


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