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Description:  I try to log into my Tesla account to track vehicle live.  I have premium.  First time I logged in, it said wrong information.   Now when I click done, it just spins for a couple seconds and stops.   Won't Link.   I was 100% sure the login info was correct when I tried the first time.   Funny thing is, I can change the login password or username now and it does exactly the same thing.   "Done" spins for a couple seconds then stops.  No error, no nothing.  Won't link.  I've tried resetting everything, nothing works.  I am sure I have the correct Tesla Credentials inputted.
Type: iOS App and Webpage
Link to Plan: None
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Hi @kc10kevin,

Thanks for the update, glad it worked out! I'd say this could've been caused by a server issue on Tesla's side we haven't had any issues as far as we're aware. There's been a little spike in the error reports (about Tesla) at sites like downdetector yesterday but nothing major.


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