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alan stone

Automatic re routing

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I've asked this before with no response so I will try again.

If a route is planned before the start of a journey, and using premium abrp with OVMS feedback, if the planned charger status changes as you get near or the car has or hasn't used power as foreseen will ABRP reroute to different chargers without intervention?

From setting off to the next charger could be over 2 hours and a lot can change in that time.

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ABRP and OVMS. I've got a longish trip planned for next week which is a trip form wimborne to Waterloo station and then to Mayfair then back home. I set the route up this morning. As the car is only at 50% it said I had to got to a local rapid first.
A chance to confirm that ABRP can dynamically alter the charge locations on the fly.
So tonight went out for a quick spin with abrp set for the journey and I started the route as if I was going straight to London. After a short while it did give up on trying to get me to the local charger and instead routed me to bagshot. This was because I had gone through an area with no signal and abrp changed the 50% to 93%. A short while later the SOC corrected itself and it then said that the route was not viable, and to press the notification, it then suggested a new charger enroute. I selected it and all was fine again.
I am now happy that ABRP does exactly what I want and combined with OVMS is the perfect solution to range anxiety. ?

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