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Preparation time in settings is ignored

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Description: No matter which value I set (default 3 min.), it is ignored in the calculation of a charging stop
Type: reproducibly tested on the webpage
Replication Steps:
  1. Choose a trip
  2. choose Zero SDS 14.4
  3. adjust preparation time to 30 min. (or any other value you like)
  4. press calculate
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Hi @Umrath,

'Charging overhead' is added as extra driving time, not as extra time at the stop. You'll see the increase in driving time / the total trip time. Should you wish to adjust the time at a certain stop you may click it and edit the charging session or set a later departure time.


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Thanks Katya,

this was not clear to me yet. Good to know.
So, I guess I should file this as an improvement then, because it makes quite a bit of a difference to me (and also my planning) whether the additional time is added to each stop or globally at the end.

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