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Chris Bastiaens

Unnecessary detour to charging station

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Description: If I enter the itinerary below in the app and I enter 58 as the Departure SoC then ABRP makes me first drive to a charging station.
If I enter 100 as the Departure SoC, start navigating and then change de SoC from 100 to 58, then ABRP does not make drive to the charging station.
Type: app version (403)
Replication Steps:
  1. User: Enter the destinations
  2. User: Enter 58 as the Departure SoC in the starting point
  3. User: Start navigating
  4. ABRP: suggests to first drive to Allego charging station at the Nissan garage in Geel, Belgium (Allego is set as my preferred network


  1. User: Enter the destinations
  2. User: Start navigating
  3. User: Enter 58 as the SoC in the SoC slider
  4. ABRP rests assured and starts driving to first destination
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