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Chris Bastiaens

Possibility to rename pushpinned locations

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Description:  Home and Work are currently the only two locations that one can pick based on their name. Recently navigated-to-locations are in the list, but only with their address or with their meaningless GPS-coordinates. It is possible to PushPin locations in this list, but it would be great if one could rename these PushPinned locations.

Use Case: 

User: Start creating an itinerary

ABRP: display 'Starting Point' and 'Destination' controls

User: Hit 'Starting Point'

ABRP: Display UI to enter address; list My postion, Home and Work under the TextEdit control. List PushPinned locations below; list not-pushpinned recent locations below.

User: LongPress an entry in the list of PushPinned and recent locations.

ABRP: Display TextEdit; if this location already has a user-defined-name display it as the default entry; otherwise empty

User: Enter new name and accept it

ABRP: Display the name instead of the address or GPS-coordinates from now on.


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