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Nissan has just debuted a new trim level for the Leaf. It has a 62 kWh battery and "faster" charging speed. Since it is brand new, there isn't much data out for it yet.

Driving Model:

Option 1 - Analytical - Provide the mathematical parameters to define the car model (See this blog post for details).

Option 2 - Data-Driven - Perform driving test at multiple speeds, and record efficiency or power draw from the pack.

Option 3 - Direct Car Connection - Provide method of receiving telemetry directly from the car via OBD, API, or other means.

Charging Model:

Charge Curve - Provide a link to a chart or video detailing the charge power over time or by State of Charge %

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Hmm, based on what I've researched it should have a similar charging time (on a 100kW charger) to the 40kWh Leaf, so I'll copy the charge curve and adjust the times to match.

Do you know what the usable battery capacity is?  @JohnT, @Jilldris care to speculate on Gids_max/min? If I have to guess, I'd say usable capacity is around 60kWh, which makes Gids_max ~750.  If they keep the same ratio as the 40kWh model, it'd be around 75Gids min.

Ahr, assuming they keep the same main bus voltage, will run ~166.7Ahr

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I made a post on the mynissanleaf forum and a user posted data from a new fully charged 62kWh Leaf.

It charged to 775 gids and the ahr scaled to 100% SOH was 176.4. No data from empty battery available yet but I think your assumption make sense Jason, so 75 is probably a good starting point until more data is available. Then roughly 54.2 kWh available from fully charged to when dash shows 0%. How is it, do you calculate the usable energy from gids_max and gids_min? Or do you enter it manually?

gids_max = 775
gid_min = 75
ahr_max = 176.4

Regarding charging it seems fine to scale it you propose. When the Leaf 62kWh is available in abetterrouteplanner someone could hopefully provide data to improve the model.

Are you planning to add the 62kWh Leaf soon?

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@Jason (ABRP) The 40kWh leaf is now replaced with a 62kWh and I have done some measurements. (The data is also uploaded to your server via LeafSpy)

When fully charged our Leaf always have around 750 Gids. That is also what LeafySpy use as default for 100% Gids.
And when it is empty (dash shows 0%) it has ~75 Gids.
The SOH is 99,4%

Eg at least for our car a more suitable model would be:
gids_max = 750
gid_min = 75
ahr_max = 176.4

Would mean that the available energy is ~52-53 kWh

Can you see from other contributed data if other cars really charge up to 775 Gids?

Also, as seen in the plot below the Dash% vs Gids is not really linear in this model either.















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@Jilldris - excellent data as always!

Since I don't store GIDs directly, I inferred based on SoC (which is calculated based on GIDs, per previous).  If the max was actually at 750 GIDs then it would be impossible to get a SoC of 100%, and the actual max would be 96.1% = (750-75)/(775-75).  Given the large number of data points above 96%, I expect the actual max is indeed 775.  Either that or AH Max varies?

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