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Best Option for Live Data

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I noticed the other day that the Torque Pro integration is broken. The website that was configured for the incremental upload, now has a placeholder. As if the website was not paid for.


I pay for ABRP Premium, and I rely on the Live Data capability. I have also tried EVnotify, also without luck. The app pulls my ODB2 data, but the Live data integration seems to be broken. 

Is autopi working correctly with the Bolt, or, is it also broken?

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Hi @Strife1817,

Which website are you referring to?

Your car appears to no longer have a linking option selected, could you try doing the setup again? You can do so by going into: Settings (detailed) > Car model, then clicking the cogwheel to the right of your saved car and re-selecting the linking option.

From what we can see none of these connection types with the Chevy Bolt should be 'broken'.


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