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German translation, direction in distance

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The app gives instructions like "In 100 Meter rechts abbiegen.", but it should say correctly "In 100 Metern rechts abbiegen."

In github I found

  "direction_in_distance": "In {{distance}}",
  "kilometers": "kilometer",
  "meters": "meter",
  "miles": "meilen",
  "feet": "fuß",

So, if these parameters are only used in "direction_in_distance", you should change "kilometer" to "kilometern" and "meter" to "metern".

Thank you!

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Hi @Muelli,

Well spotted!
It is possible for users to edit the translation files if there's any corrections needed and make a pull request for us to review. You can click the "pen icon" on the right of the top bar of the text window to get an editable view of the json file in github: https://github.com/iternio/abrp-translations/blob/master/de.json 


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