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Missing charge site

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Hi @Rolee,

Is it found in any of the databases we fetch information from but not visible in ABRP? You can read more about which these are here: 

 @dyxyl are you perhaps able to share the ABRP link to this charger? You can get a link by clicking the charger, then click share > share ABRP link


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I have similar issues with some Ionity-Chargers, i.e. this one: https://www.goingelectric.de/stromtankstellen/Deutschland/Seesen/IONITY-Harz-West-A7/49231/

One of the 4 chargers is marked as in-op, but none of the chargers is listed in ABRP on this side of the highway. This is the ABRP link to the Ionity chargers on the other side of the highway: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?charger_id=11718991 

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17 hours ago, Katya-ABRP said:

This has now been corrected.

I can confirm the charger is now visible and used for charging en route in the browser as well:

I don't understand how a display issue would effect routing, though. Never mind, it's working now. 


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