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Why are the BMW iX3 datas still « alpha » and obviously very different from the Actuals (capacity) ?

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1) why are so many models still considered « alpha » although their market introductions are already behind us, e.g. BMW iX3 ?

2) where can the user double check the battery capacity (kWh) you are using as reference in your calculations for a given model ?

thanks a lot !

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Hi Katya,

thanks for your answer. Unfortunately I do not see how to move the BMW iX3 from the Alpha category to the upper confident categories since the car is not in your “car supported list”. 
anyway, I would like to make sure what battery capacity you do use in your calculations. Range does not increase accurately vs the calculations you make for my BMW i3 (which has 40% less battery capacity).

thanks for checking and let me know. 
best regard, besides this,  I’m fan of your app ?

Antoine (Paris-France)

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Hi @Antoine,

Sorry for the misunderstanding, but users themselves cannot move the model to a different category. We will remove the label / replace it with 'beta' when we deem it accurate enough. Currently it has the 'alpha' label since we do not have enough real-world data and this is due to good quality data being more difficult to obtain than for some other models.

I won't go into much detail about the exact numbers for the batteries on these models, but we use approximately the equivalent kWh values of the given useable battery capacity. However if something needs to be tweaked with the consumption model we'd be happy to look into it. Or is there perhaps a model we're lacking? 40% less is quite the difference!


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Hello Katya,

I just want to make sure that you do use the right useable capacity for the BMW iX3 (74kWh). The charging stops the ABRP app does propose me are so closed from those the App also proposes for my other car (BMW i3 with only 42kWh) that I worry about what you have recorded for BMW iX3
Do you confirm the 74kWh are also your datas ?

Thanks for checking and for your answer  



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