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Specifying time range at a stop, instead of absolute time

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My family has a teen planning to tour colleges this summer.  We have a few road trips mapped, and would like to pause for college tours.

The only way I can see to do this is to run the mapping, see what time we arrive at a school, then manually set the departure to 1-2 hours later.

What I would like is to say "we'll be here 1 hour" and then, if we change our initial trip departure time or add a charge/coffee break, it will recalculate using the time range set.

Many of our days are 10+ hours of driving, ending at 8 or 9 pm with breaks for charging, meals, and tours.  These are complicated days, especially for the couple that have actual guided tours at a specified time (not too many of those this year!).  We will have hotels booked in advance, and I am trying to stick to a pretty ambitious schedule.  Love this app for all it's flexibility, but this is one gap that really concerns me.

The current tools only let us define an amenity, but then it changes the name of the stop to match that amenity.  And of course, the map then takes us to the amenity, not the school.

It seems to me that adding time without an amenity should be easier than adding an amenity (with the associated awesome search tools).  

Am I missing something?  Is there a way to pause at a stop, without manually keying in a departure time?

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Hi @KrisD,

Thank you for your suggestion! We understand that adding a duration for a waypoint may be a useful tool when planning longer trips. We will look into adding breaks as a feature.

In the meantime you can add a duration to any charging stop. For instance while you stop at a college or for lunch you may want to park at a charger. Click the gear symbol next to the charger in the trip summary and add a time in the "charge for" box. This way you can make the most of your leisure stops as charging stops as well.


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