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Glitches when SOC graph should be updated

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Description: When you adjust current SOC manually , plan will be updated accordingly, but not the burn down chart
Type: Android App,, plan simulated with test drive mode.
Replication Steps:
  1. Calculate route, start testdrive mode, after a while change current SOC by arrows down 10

Started driving with 90% in test drive mode, planned arrival at first charger with  47% (graph), 46% plan below.



Now I changed the current SOC to 76%, green Dot is moving instantly, but why is 86% moving with the DOT? Either it stays at the blue line as planned SOC or it should be green showing the current SOC. Or now red, because we are off the planning a lot.



After a while the number is changing to 75%, the plan below is changing arrival SOC to 36% but the graph isn't changing. The graph should also change accordingly, blue line down to 75%, arrival SOC should show 36%. That's inconsistant in my opinion.



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In addition:

I used ABRP with Android Auto today without any real-time connection to the car (Kona). So I have to manually adjusting SOC on the Smartphone. Starting with 90%, I have to click it down to current SOC 44%, which is a pain, because the arrows only reacts with a delay. After reaching 44%, it just shows 75% in Android Auto, button right corner. So it's not synchronizing SOC with the Smartphone.

Plan is also not updated, See post above.

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