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Please feel free to move my post as a sub post in a new section "IONIQ 5" under "Hyundai"!

I've mentioned the Kia EV6 aswell, as it's based on the same platform and shares drive trains, batteries, charging capabilities.

Limted data available and a charging video with the current pre production model - all my data is from German language sources.

Battery sizes: 58kWh and 72.6 kWh, both are usable (net rather than gross) capacity figures.

Drive trains: RWD and AWD for both battery sizes for the Hyundai, RWD for both sizes and AWD only for the big battery in the Kia.

Charging speeds at 350kW 800V HPC, peak speed is officially 220 kW for the big battery, they seem to be scaled by the size (see full charging speed 10%->80%), so max speed for the 58kWh pack should be around 176kW.

Charging times 10%..80% according to Hyundai:

detailed figures from https://konfigurator.hyundai.de/configure/ioniq-5/46/V1/139/trims

choose "Motor" configs and look into last tab "Ihre Konfiguration"

72,6 kWh pack

  • 800V DC HPC: 18 minutes
  • 50 kW 400V DC: 57 minutes
  • AC 10.5 kW: 6h15m

58 kWh pack

  • 800V DC HPC: 18 minutes
  • 50 kW 400V DC: 47 minutes
  • AC 10.5 kW: 5h

WLTP figures (ranges and consumptions):

https://www.hyundai.de/wltp/ -> scroll down to "IONIQ 5"

Charging video, preproduction car, with some data points:

  • starts at 12%
  • 1 min - 14% - 181 kW - 2 kWh
  • 4 min - 23% - 187 kW - 10 kWh
  • 5 min - 31% - 190 kW - 16 kWh
  • 7 min - 40% - 221 kW - 23 kWh
  • 9 min - 48% - 223 kW - 29 kWh - upto 56%
  • 11 min - 57% - 124 kW - 36 kWh
  • 13 min - 65% - 161 kW - 43 kWh
  • 17 min - 76% - 152 kW - 51 kWh
  • 18 min - 80% - 153 kW - 54 kWh - at 749V btw.


Above link is from the "New Vehicle Models" section, where I first posted this, but it seems not to get much attention lately, so I've re-posted here.

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I just did an extended test drive with an Ioniq 5 Long Range AWD on 19" wheels. I used a Raspberry Pi attached to the OBD2 port to get live data into ABRP. Works quite well, the BMS accepts the same codes as the BMS of the Kona.

The route was mixed speeds, with longer stretches at 130km/h. ABRP shows 201 Wh/km @ 110 km/h calibrated reference consumption.

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I tried to feed live data from OBD adapter using Torque pro. I used the PID set for Kona&Niro, had the values that are supposed to be uploaded displayed in Torque pro, and the values seem to make sense - just while charging the seem to go back and forth between reasonable values - except SOC and Batt Temp - and values that don't make sense at all. I obtained a token for a generic link to live data in ABRP (beta) and used it as email address in Torque pro. However, I don't see any option in ABRP to switch to live data.


Now I don't know at which point the procedure fails. Where can I find out whether the data is being uploaded? Do I have to do more than just set up Torque pro and obtain the token in ABRP to be allowed to upload data to http://api.iternio.com/1/tlm/torque?

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Thanks a lot! I am receiving data now. I'll have to check while driving whether I receive correct data.

While charging I still have the problem with values that go back and forth between reasonable and definitely wrong values for all values that are being sent to http://api.iternio.com/1/tlm/torque - also for SOC and Batt Temp (must have missed that when writing my previous comment). I also see those values in ABRP now - also going back and forth while charging.

As for calibration: I have set up two options for my IONIQ5: Standard, and towing a caravan. Will the data be evaluated seperately, e.g. for calibration of consumption? I'm asking, because we will travel some 300km towing a caravan soon and don't want this to mess up calibration.

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Interesting on the strange 'obviously wrong' values.  We could definitely filter them out, and ignore those calls if need be.  In what way are they wrong? What should I use to filter those values out?

Also, what sort of OBD reader are you using? If it's causing noise on the CAN bus, that could also be the cause of strange values.

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Some of the strange values can be seen in the video sequence I previously posted. They only show up while charging.

At the time of that recording I was using a China OBD adaptor. But since it failed on re-connects I changed the adapter. Now I'm using Scantool OBDLink LX which works very reliably, so I would assume the cause is not noise on the CAN bus caused by the adapter.

I will do another screen recording soon so you can see the values that appear. There's -25.7A or V resp. in BattCurrent and BattVoltage (resulting in a wrong Power Draw vallue since it's calculated from those two). Also SOC jumps to -0.5%, and CEC jumps to -1,6xx,xxx kWh (the minus cannot be seen in the above recording). BattTemp jumps to -1.0°C.

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So here's the list of flipping values while charging:

SOC DIsplay: real value <--> -0,5%
SOC BMS: real value <--> -0,5%
CEC (Cumulated Energy Charged): real value <--> -1684300,9kWh
Battery Current: real value <--> 25,7A
Battery Voltage: real value <--> 25,7V
Energy Draw (calculated from BattCurr and BattVolt): real value <--> 0,7kW
Battery Temperature: real value <--> -1,0°C

At least those are the values I found in my car, don't know whether other cars would produce the same values

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Questions : is ABRP PREMIUM in AA mode work "live" (every x minutes) with OBDLINK MX+ OBD2 dongle and the Car Scanner Pro app to get more accurate routes and chargers / charging stops, using battery temperature, battery capacity, battery power kw for instance, but also local weather, traffic etc ?

Best regards.

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ABRP keeps dropping my OBD vLinkerMC+, some days it stays connected for days other times it takes days to get it connected. Ioniq5, only connected in ABRP, no other obd devices connected. I have to pull the obd out of the car and reinsert to get it to work again.

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