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Location information incorrect when live data is enabled

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A have lead spy pro running on a android device and followed the OBD live data setup. All looks good and I can see live data from within the Live Car Connection settings. However, it would seem that the GPS location of the car is not being received/used as when I select 'Center on Car', the icon shows the location in the middle of the ocean.

I drove a route this morning and the location didn't update even though live data was still being received.

To rule out a problem with Leaf Spy Pro I configured server B to point to https://leaf-status.com/ and location information is successfully received and shown.



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Interesting, I haven't seen it go there before.  I assume when you pull up the "View Live Data" display you see all the normal data, and it doesn't complain about missing anything?

The lat/lon you screenshotted isn't 0,0 so we're getting some kind of lat/long data, just the wrong lat/lon data.


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Not completely sure but I would say yes. Same location.

And after all I would say that during driving with disabled map no graphs were shown.

This started - for me - after new server API/URL was introduced.



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