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ABRP connected with TRONITY: LiVE Map data often not updated for 30min / abrp map frozen


Hi ūüĎ謆

I connected ABRP with TRONITY and display Abrp via CarPlay in my eSoul. I get live date. BUT, sometimes ABRP is FAR behind. It happend to me that the live map was not updated for 30min and I missed an Important charging station and only got suspicious because after 30min the SoC was still the same in CarPlay. 

Its is also funny to get advice to leave the motorway 20min after you already left it. 

Now I am always double checking, wich stresses me. Is there a qick fix? Can it be, that Internet connection was lost? I drive 40k km/a a lot through hilly and rural areas.

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Hi @Sebastian,

Was it only the SoC which did not update or was the location data also out of sync? Did the map get displayed correctly despite the navigation instructions being delayed?

Have you ensured that live SoC was switched on and not overridden by a manually input departure SoC or similar?


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