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Planner avoiding highway and tunnel

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Description: Planner seems to be avoiding a highway with tunnel
Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=e9b177bd-0c57-4274-acf8-965bcc8de2d5
Replication Steps:
  1. Create a route from "Vila Real, Portugal" to "Amarante, Portugal"


Expected the route to use the highway "A4" that includes the tunnel "Tunel do marão" (marked in red in the image) instead it uses the old road "IP4" that has a lot more inclination and it's farther. I don't have the avoid tolls activated.
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I digged a little bit more, since your app seems to use openstreetmap i went to openstreetmap.org and the same problem happens.

With "Car (GraphHopper)" it uses the A4 highway as expected, but with "Car (OSRM)" it uses the old road IP4.


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It seems to be something specific about the junction between the tunnel and motorway, but I'm not enough of an OSRM guru to know what exactly the problem is.  This happens at both ends of the tunnel and in both directions.




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Hi @danielb7390, @KSevcik,

I checked this part of the map in OSM but there really isn't anything that should prevent a route being planned through the tunnel, as GraphHopper proves. It must be something with how OSRM handles the connection points between the tunnel and the highway, since routing between two points both in the tunnel works fine.

Have you brought this up on the OSM forum?


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I have seen cases of GraphHopper routing a path and OSRM failing.  In those cases it was an incorrect planned=* tag on the way, which OSRM interprets to mean the way doesn't exist yet.  So GraphHopper succeeding just means there's an OSRM specific failing.  I will say that I hunted up a virtually identical tunnel setup in the same area.  It routed fine and the tags looked basically the same.

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