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[Feature request] Add more favorites

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Description:  Currently there are only two favorites: Home and Work. I would like to add as many favorites as I like of places I often visit and want to be routed to. I can assign icons to the favorites and give them a specific name.

Use Case: Especially when using Android Auto I don't like to type in an address and I want to use the favorites (Star icon) to start routing to often used address.

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It is already possible to 'pushpin' places that you already navigated to.

Go to the screen where you can enter the address you want to navigate to. Below Home and Work you should see a history of recently navigated to places. Right next to every entry there is a WasteBasket and a PushPin.

PushPinned entries remain in the list at the top, below Home and Work.

I hope in the future it will be possible to rename PushPinned entries to something like "Auntie Jane" or "Country cottage" instead of an address or some meaningless GPS-coordinates.

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