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be.ev network missing


Hello - the be.ev network doesn't show up at all on ABRP. This is pretty inconvenient since it's my primary network, especially trying to figure out when to hit the rapid chargers! Some appear on the Open Charge map (for example, OCM-169695) and others don't, perhaps the newer ones (ie the Soho Street new rapid, BVRGM0002 and BVRGM0003 at Soho Street, Bolton, BL1 1PE). I think they might have taken over CYC/GMEV but I'm really fuzzy on the details.

Is there any way of getting them added? Thanks!

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Hi @solarpowered,

I'd assume that those that cannot be seen in ABRP don't yet exist in any of the databases we fetch information from. If they on the other hand do exist in OCM but cannot be found in ABRP we might have to take a closer look at it. If you make additions in OCM they should be visible in ABRP within 24 hours.

For more information about how we get information about chargers and what can be done to improve it, check out this blog post:


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