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[Feature Request] Massively Multidriver Roadtrips planning

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Description:  As we will see more and longer Roadtrips with more Cars it would be cool to have a "Massively Multidriver Roadtrips planning" MMRP Feature for ABRP 

Use Case: ABRP would take the Group Participants from "[Feature Request] Group feature for Club Trips" and do the Calculation for all Cars. It then propose different Charginglocation to have all Cars charged as fast as possible. 



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Hi @mike9475,

This would definitely be cool, but it will definitely be rather difficult to make it work well. It'll be much simpler when using similar vehicles but combining a group consisting of say, one Tesla, one Nissan Leaf and one older model Renault Zoe, especially in areas with poor charging infrastructure might make for a lot of failed planning attempts.

It would also be rather difficult to fit the results in the app on smaller devices like smartphones and adjusting it for CarPlay and Android Auto would simply be impossible I'd say. However, perhaps a feature like this is better suited for the web version?

I've had your feature request noted and hopefully we can look into it for future development.


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