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[Feature Request] Group feature for Club Trips

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Description:  Create ABRP Groups where you can combine Users and see them on the Map

Use Case: As we start some Roadtrips in the Club beginning of June it would be great to see all the Members / Participants combined in a Group and on the Map.

The Route planning can then be shared from the Group Leaders to all the Participants so they can follow easy the Trip. Also if some Members loose the sight of the Car colone they can follow the ABRP Instructions. If possible the SOC from all Cars is also seen to better understand when to recharge.  

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not finished
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Hi @mike9475,

It is currently not possible to connect two/multiple ABRP accounts however it is possible for premium users to share their linked vehicle with other ABRP users. A shared vehicle will be seen as a vehicle marker on the map and the user it has been shared to may create plans for the vehicle based on its stats. However any active plan for the original vehicle and user will not be shared/displayed for the users it has been shared to. But, to truly be useful for driving as a group we would absolutely have to add some extra functionality to this.

I've had your feature request noted and hopefully we can look into it for future development.


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