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Burns Fisher

My Drives in iPhone and Web--how to do it?

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I suppose maybe my real complain is that it seems very hard to find settings and to access screens.  I never know what the back arrow is going to bring me to, for instance.

But what I wanted to ask is this:  How do you access "My Drives"?  I am running 4.0.40 on an iPhone Xr and the car is a Chevy Bolt.  I have premium.  I have set "Save My Activity" on (finally found it!).  If, after a drive, I then hit the ABRP logo and select "My Drives" I see a calendar which seems to show the dates on which I took my drives (a dot beside the day).  But if I select that day, either nothing happens or I get a blank pull up appearing on the screen.

I have also tried it on the web app via Chrome on a MacBook.  In this case, nothing happens when I select a date.  I tried exporting dates including the date of my drive and got an excel file.  Then tried importing it and it complained that I needed a JSON file.

I feel like I am missing something given that I have similar non-results with either method!

Oh, I just looked at the excel file that I exported and it shows "null, null" for start location and end location.  Yet the state of charge has dropped.  Could this be because I am using the phone to provide the location rather than EVNotify?  (I think EVNotify does not collect location from a Chevy Bolt, which is what I have).

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