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alan stone

Dynamic routing

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Been toying with ABRP for a while but could always work it out better in my head. However, I have just purchased OVMS for MGZSEV. I have also subscribed to premium on ABRP. It seems to be working really well with the live data from the car.

My question, and I have searched, is does ABRP change the plan as situations change? Say you are going to a charger and someone takes it 10minutes before your arrival will ABRP change to another charger? Or what if you are doing better it worse than expected will it amend the original plan?


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I just returned from a round trip Ohio->Florida and saw zero evidence of dynamic routing to account for unexpected consumption due to weather or whatever nor for traffic. 

I decided to cancel my subscription even though I will be doing this trip several times per year. The map redrawing squirreliness and setting variables on the iPhone app and lack of rerouting killed my interest in paying monthly for this.

I will say the preplanning support on a PC is pretty good. 

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