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CCS charging option for Tesla model S and X

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Description: Missing configuration option for Tesla model S and X vehicles with CCS retrofit
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The new Tesla v3 superchargers have only a CCS interface, and owners of model S and X can get a retrofit CCS adapter, but ABRP has no option for this to be configured.  ABRP clearly knows about v3 superchargers since routes for Tesla model 3 vehicles will include v3 superchargers, while routes for model S and X will not.  Presumably this will also affect route planning using other networks.

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Hi @PerBilse, @Tetsuto,

In: Settings (detailed) > Battery & chargers > Fast chargers you may choose to allow 'Tesla CCS' (and 'CCS') for your plans. 

We would of course like to get this right from the beginning, but since we currently cannot know if a car has been upgraded or not, the standard for our older Tesla models remains 'Tesla Supercharger' (as in non-CCS in Europe).



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