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All CCS locations as default for Teslas

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There is a problem with abrp that it does not understand that European Tesla cars are supporting CCS. It offers only Tesla superchargers and plans routes accordingly.

And most importantly it is very difficult to find from the settings where it is possible to change the default settings to CCS charging locations.

The problem here is that abrp is completely useless in Europe without this change in settings. Therefore it would make sense to set all ccs as default for new European Teslas.

Especially abrp cannot be recommended for new EV drivers, who do not have experience from electric car charging, because the required change in settings is too difficult to explain. 

It seems that abrp is designed for American Tesla users. But it has wrong default settings for new European Teslas. Therefore, could it be possible to change the default to show all ccs locations in Europe?

Ps. Inserting photo here does not work with Android. 

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