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ABRP live data from Tronity

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Try to use Tronity live data for my Zoe.

At Tronity page, I get SOC refresh each minute.

At ABRP the live status from Tronity is “sleeping“.

No error messages during connecting.

Please help

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i have connected my car at tronity (vw e-Up).. my aim is to use ABRP giving it the possibility to reach live data of my car passing throught tronity ( if i have well understood this is the game...).
In ABRP I have made the connection proposed with tronity....
I think I have done all the things right but still when i use ABRP it doesn't show live data for the SOC. I always have indication "live data" as sleeping tronity status...(meanwhile from the tronity web site i have everything functioning)
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Same problem 

I have connected my kia e-niro with tronity and then linked to abrp. I get live updates every minute on the tronity website so that's not a problem. However when using abrp it says that the car is sleeping and I get no live data. 


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@Geka & @GillesDB Tronity has been correctly selected as the liva data option for your vehicles, however it seems we haven't been able to fetch any data yet. I'd suggest to unlink and set up again.

@Lostu70 Tronity has been selected correctly, we have gotten data and nothing looks out the ordinary. However, the 'sleeping' status is normally displayed when the data we have isn't recent enough. We're only connecting to Tronity when the app is actively used and it can take a little while (minute or so) from starting the app until we get data and the status is changed. From what I can see that works correctly.

But - you don't appear to have the linked car selected currently, hence live data will not be used. Make sure to select it in: settings (detailed) > car model


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