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Mr. Hansen

Live data for 2020 e-golf with IOS device

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i have connected my car at tronity.. my aim is to use ABRP giving it the possibility to reach live data of my car passing throught tronity ( if i have well understood this is the game...).
In ABRP I have made the connection proposed with tronity....
I think I have done all the things right but still when i use ABRP it doesn't show live data for the SOC. I always have indication "live data" as sleeping tronity status...(meanwhile from the tronity web site i have everything functioning)
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I own a 2019 e-Golf SEL Premium and have just installed the Vgate vLinker MC+ Bluetooth OBD dongle. On the first attempt, ABRP (Premium) found the dongle, and live data is enabled with my iPhone and CarPlay. 

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